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Oct News

Hello Members + Friends! Following up from last Wednesday’s general meeting here are a few news items:

Firstly, unfortunately our secretary, Michelle Ripari, has had to step down from her role. Michelle will continue to be with us as a member but is stepping down from leadership. As a result the Secretary position is vacant and we’re looking for willing bodies. Please email us if you have any nominations or queries. All that aside, the biggest thanks to Michelle for her support and help in these first few months of RedWest being formalised and more importantly to all the time she put in to the development of our organisation.

Secondly, we’re changing the rules! After confirming the breadth of our insurance coverage we want to change it so individuals DO NOT need to have PLI to be eligible for full (voting) membership. A special resolution was raised and agreed to so we’ll be voting on whether to pass this amendment at the next meeting. Details will follow.

Membership applications are open - we’re just double checking the payment end. In the meantime you can lodge your application by visiting ‘Join Now’ on the site. The ‘Shop’ will go live before Nov 10th so after then feel free to pop on, pay the application fee and/or pick up some merch!

As a rough timeline if you apply to be a member between now and December 1, you’ll be notified if your application was successful before 2019. We’ve got cool plans for the new year so I’d jump on it! One activity we’re looking at is another ‘soiree’ of sorts. More of a low-key outdoorsy vibe but a catch-up after the holidays to chill and re-connect and get our creative juices flowing for the new year.

Additionally, since we are NOT having a meeting in December - we’re instead looking at having a lil social gathering that will co-inside with the Saltwater Art Studio’s maiden student display on December 12th. Finalised details will be coming through soon - in the meantime if you’ve ever participated in a Saltwater Art Studio program and are interested in putting a project from one of the activities in the display please email

Our next meeting is Nov 21 2018 at the Wyndham Arts Incubator at 6.30pm. If you are a voting member but cannot make it please contact us to discuss the rulebook vote so that we can insure we have a quorum to pass the special resolution.

Also - ongoing in 2019 all general meetings will fall on the last Wednesday of every month.


Caroline Esbenshade, RedWest President

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