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Applications are open on a rolling basis currently with the future intent for applications to be opened only periodically throughout the year.*

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Application fees from the 1st of July 2020 - 30th or June 2021 are as follows:

- Application fee of $30(nonrefundable) applies to all Member and Provisional Member applications. Accepted applicants will have this fee deducted from their membership fee.

(i.e. Only a full Member you will be required to pay a balance of $45.00 upon successful the application)

Annual Fee Pricing:

- $75.00 Full Member

- $30.00 Concession Member

(voting rights, grant auspices, online content and event participation w/PLI included)**

- $30.00 Provisional Member  

(grant auspices, online content and event participation w/PLI included)

- $15.00 Patron Subscription

(selected online content only, no application necessary)


Visit the join now section of the website to register your application.

You'll be asked to provide information about your practice, samples of your work, and contact information.

Once your application and your application fee has been received it will be considered by the board. Please allow 3 weeks for this process. When accepted any Member or Provisional Member will be added to our official membership and be considered a probationary period for 4 months in which they must remain in good standing and show that their values and interests align with the Co-op. 

For further information about the application process please feel free to refer to the RedWest Creatives Co-op Rulebook or shoot us an email.

*The application time has not yet been determined.


**RedWest may request proof of concession for a Concession membership application

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