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Before you apply please make sure you have read through about what membership entails at the 'member' page - here. To join please fill out the form below and then account details will be shared for payment of application fee.

Successful applicants will then be asked to pay the balance remaining before their membership will begin. Following balance payment, membership is granted and member are required to adhere to the behavioral agreement outlined in the terms and conditions below. RedWest's Information and Privacy Policy can be viewed here.

Apply to be a Member
(for Members Full, Concession and Provisional)

Would you like to have a more significant role within RedWest

Tell us a bit about your creative practice. What, how long etc. 



terms & conditions:

+ application does not guarantee membership. The board may, at its discretion, refuse an application for membership.


+ The board need not assign reasons for the refusal.


+ If the applicant has applied to be a member but the board feels the applicant does not qualify for membership but would be suited to Provisional Membership the board will contact the applicant to see if they would be interested in being a provisional member. 

+ application fee is non-refundable

+ All members and provisional members will undergo a 4-month probationary period in which they must maintain good standing and show that their values and interests align with the co-op. 

+ An application will not be considered 'complete' until the application fee has been applied and will not be considered until payment has been made.

+ As a member/ provisional member of RedWest  I agree to treat others how I wish to be treated within the co-operative and as such will:


- use professional and respectful language in all correspondence with the cooperative and my fellows.

- maintain respectful and appropriate conduct during meetings

- be supportive of my fellows

- be respectful of the diverse backgrounds and opinions

- not use discriminatory language

- not say, write or post negative views about RedWest or it’s members / provisional members.


Thanks for submitting!

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